Used JAM Pedals Delay Llama Xtreme Analog Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

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The Delay Llama XTREME introduces new functionality and exciting features to our Delay Llama series, challenging preconceived notions of what an analog delay pedal can do. Featuring 3 x 3205 BBD chips and a thoughtful layout, the Delay Llama XTREME appeals to traditional delay users and sound explorers alike.

It comes equipped with 4 presets, 800ms of max. delay time, tap tempo w/ subdivisions, hold function, kill-dry, trails (buffered) OR true bypass modes, delay time expression pedal / CV input, remote tap tempo input and remote preset selection input. It also features 4 trail effects you can get lost in for hours on end!

These 4 XTREME modes are the result of JAM experimenting with the Delay Time and musically taming it to create inspiring trails effects.

Vibrato: sine-wave LFO modulation w/ controls for Depth and Speed

Tape-age: this mode emulates the slight and random pitch variations (warble) a physical “worn-down” tape would produce in vintage tape-echo machines, w/ control for frequency of deviation occurrences

Random: this mode randomly changes the ms value of the repeats over fixed time increments resulting in abrupt pitch and rhythmic changes

Pitch-shift: this mode will give you 5 distinct pitch-shifted intervals and 5 playback patterns the last of which is a 5-mode sequencer


Bill Frisell, Nels, Cline, Mike Miller, David Torn, Adam Levy


"The Delay Llama XTREME is just ridiculously good; it's on everything I'm recording!"

   - David Torn

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