Used Catalinbread Formula 5F6 Tweed Bassman Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Used Catalinbread Formula 5F6 Tweed Bassman Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

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The Formula 5F6 adds vintage tweed Bassman response to Catalinbread's range of Foundation Overdrives, giving you the awesome characteristics of this classic amp into any clean amp.


The Gain knob controls the gain, but circuit-wise it is identical to the “Bright Volume” control on the tweed Bassman. So, turned down low, you’ll get those great sparkly cleans, turned up midway and you’ll get that elusive touch-sensitive response where you can play clean or dirty just by varying your picking attack. And cranked all the way up you’ll get the gain structure of a Bassman on 12, thick and overdriven, but still sounding very California. Like the Bright Vol channel on a Bassman, this control gives a brighter tone when the Gain is turned down due to its brightness circuit (“bright cap”). As you turn the Gain up, the brightness circuit has less and less effect. This works great to give you nice clean tones with a beautiful sparkle, but awesome warmth when the gain is turned up.


This is the master volume that controls the output of the pedal. The lower you set the Gain knob the higher you’ll want to run the Volume. For the best clean and on edge-of-breakup response, turn the Volume all the way up and start with the Gain control at minimum and then slowly bring up the Gain control to the desired response. This will give you the most authentic Bassman experience!

TREBLE, MIDDLE, and BASS Tone Controls:

These controls reproduce exactly, part-for-part, the tone circuit (“tone stack”) of the tweed Bassman. If you’re familiar with the tone controls on that amp, you’ll already know how these work! The circuit was carefully tuned around this tone stack to give great tones, no matter how the tone knobs are set. Don’t be afraid to try things like full Mid and no Treble or Bass, or even full Treble with no Mid or Bass. You’ll find a huge universe of useful tones to make your part stand out in the mix.

INTERNAL CONTROL - Presence Trimpot:

There is a trimpot (accessible by removing the bottom plate) that allows you to fine-tune the amount of presence or high treble frequencies that the pedal produces. It is factory set to provide the best tone in most circumstances. However, everyone has different guitars, amps, and tastes so they've given you control over the final brightness of the pedal. The factory setting is exactly halfway on the trimpot.


It’s time to talk about the Secret Lead mode! There’s a switch inside that switches between Stock Bassman (S. Bass) and Secret Lead (S. Lead) mode! It will transform the Formula 5F6 from vintage low-gain goodness into a re-breathing monster from California! The gain gets pushed way up and the tone stack is reconfigured to a new voice that has a bright edge with plenty of fullness. The goal was to supercharge it while still making it sound “American”. Warning: It might get loud!

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