New Tone City T10 Fuxx Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal

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This pedal will not work with a 9V battery, and requires a 9V DC power supply (not included).

Fuzz is an aggressive and raunchy-sounding effect that has been a part of the electric guitar scene since the 60s. Still popular today, the Tone City Fuxx Fuzz is a mini pedal suitable for a wide range of different styles, thanks to its versatile control set and mode switch. The latter can turn this fuzz pedal from tame to insane in an instant!

Musical Fuzz:

Some fuzz pedals are made for crazy-fun glitch tones, while others are much more musical and work better for those classic rock vibes. This pedal fits the vintage mould, wonderfully recreating many of the famous fuzz tones that you have probably heard on many albums throughout the years.

Essentials like the gain and volume controls allow you to adjust the amount of fuzz and the total output of the pedal respectively, whilst the tone knob affects the brightness and presence. The gain/crazy switch, however, is where things start to get really interesting...

Gain mode delivers a muff-style fuzz sound that is smooth and mid-scooped, amazing for those 90s alternative rock and shoe-gaze tones. The crazy mode is another animal though, capturing the essence of that spitting 60s fuzz-octave sound and emulating some of the trickiest and most desirable Hendrix tones.

Small & Portable:

All Tone City pedals are built in a micro pedal format, which not only helps to save precious real-estate on your pedalboard, but also keeps your bank balance healthy thanks to their amazingly low price. But don't worry, you don't lose any quality when going down to this small size or cost.

The controls all use high-quality components, and with true bypass switching, your signal will stay as clean and pure as possible.


  • Technology: Analogue
  • Input Impedance: 500k
  • Output Impedance: 10k
  • Mono / Stereo: Mono In, Mono Out
  • Controls: Volume, Tone, Gain
  • Modes: 2
  • Bypass Mode: True bypass
  • Power supply: 9VDC, Centre negative
  • Power Consumption: 10 mA
  • Housing size: Mini
  • Dimensions WxHxD (cm): 4,2 x 5,2 x 9,3

Country of Origin: Made in China

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