New SIM1 XT-B Sound Imprinting Processor Bass Guitar Profiler Effects Pedal

New SIM1 XT-B Sound Imprinting Processor Bass Guitar Profiler Effects Pedal

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This item also includes a U.S. power supply and USB WiFi adapter.

The SIM1 XT-B Bass Profiler offers a huge scenario of Tones. Just connect your Axe to the pedal, run the Learning Procedure, and scroll among 30 pickup profiles made by some of the best Bass Guitars available in the market.

There’s no need to do many adjustments, just select the Target Guitar Profile you wish, add some effects, and make your sound great!

With proprietary technology called Smart Tone Shaping (STS), the SIM1 XT-B is capable of learning (profiling) the sound characteristics of a bass guitar and modeling it to perfectly reproduce the sound of any other electric or acoustic basses, with no latency or digital artifacts.

Profile your Favorite Bass Guitars:

The Learning Procedure allows to create a Source Bass, upon which each Target Profile will be shaped. In the same way it’s possible to create Target Bass Profiles just turning into Target each Source Bass you have available.

Along with your favorite Bass Guitar bring XT-B with you, there’s no need to travel with more than one instrument!

MIDI Program Change:

SIM1 can read Program-Change MIDI commands via the most popular MIDI-to-USB adapters, and to re-route program Changes as a midi-through feature.

Through the Editor you can even configure your XT-B as a Midi Master mini Pedalboard, to control other devices.

12 Pre-Loaded Bass Guitars:

  • Adam Clayton Jazz®| neck, mid, bridge
  • Gibson® Thunderbird® | neck, mid, bridge
  • Fender®️ Jazz®️ 64 | neck, mid, bridge
  • Music Man®️ Stingray®️ | mid, mid, mid
  • Precision® Am. Pro® | neck, neck
  • Precision 50s® | neck, neck, neck
  • Fender®️ PostModern®️ | neck, neck
  • Gibson®️ SG | neck, mid, bridge
  • Lackland®️ | neck, mid, bridge
  • Hofner®️ | neck, mid, bridge
  • Acoustic Bass | mic’d
  • Double Bass®️ | Piezo


  • IR Cabinets (add an Impulse Response Cabinet Emulation)
  • Overdrive
  • Natural Reverb, by SIM1
  • Tone Control
  • 7 Cabinets Impulse Responses, including 5 IR by Choptones
  • 3rd parties IR loadable via SIM1 Editor

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