New One Control Tri-Loop True Bypass Two Loop Effects Switcher Guitar Pedal

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Here's a utility pedal with a whole lot of features under the hood. You can use the One Control Tri Loop as an A/B switch for multi-amp stage setups, a true bypass pedal looper for a purer guitar tone, a replacement channel footswitch for your amp, or a tempo tap for your delays. A four-colored LED indicator keeps track of what mode you're in. The Tri Loop is true bypass when not engaged, but a quality buffer (switchable) from boutique pedal builder Bjorn Juhl gives you added insurance against treble loss through long cable runs.

Four Switchable Modes for a Pedalboard's Worth of Utility:

  • In White mode, the Tri Loop becomes a dual true bypass looper. This gets you close to a direct guitar-to-amp sound by keeping your tone-sucking pedals out of your signal path when not in use. Put all your drives in one loop and your time/modulation effects in the other, and only call them up when you need them. White mode also allows you to get creative by engaging multiple effects at once - no more pedal gymnastics.

  • In Red mode, the Tri Loop is either a replacement footswitch for your amp or an always-on A/B switch - great for multiple amp or pedal setups.

  • Blue mode gives you two momentary footswitches in either normally closed (hold to bypass) or normally open (hold to engage) operation.

  • And Green mode lets you, for instance, tap in tempo for your compatible delay pedals.


  • 4 modes unlock a pedalboard's worth of functionality
  • True bypass looper keeps unused pedals out of your signal path for a purer tone
  • A/B switch is great for multi-amp setups onstage or in the studio
  • Momentary switch lets you hold to engage or bypass (selectable) loops - great for tuner pedals
  • Tempo tap lets you lock in your delays and time-based effects
  • 4-colored LED keeps track of what mode you're in
  • True bypass switching - won't affect your tone when disengaged
  • Bypassable BJF buffer by Bjorn Juhl - protects against treble loss through long cable runs
  • Black metal chassis is built for the road
  • Runs on a 9-volt power supply (not included)

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