New One Control Gecko MKIII Compact Programable MIDI Footswitch Controller Pedal

New One Control Gecko MKIII Compact Programable MIDI Footswitch Controller Pedal

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The Gecko is a compact, lightweight solution for quickly switching between programs on MIDI devices. With an increasing number of guitar pedals being built with MIDI capabilities, having the ability to access presets in a quick and efficient manner has become an important part of playing live. The Gecko MKIII gives guitarists three modes to access programs.


  • Lightweight, compact MIDI controller
  • PC signals of 16 MIDI channels can be sent simultaneously
  • 20 presets
  • Tap tempo control for multiple devices
  • Can be powered by battery or 9V DC external power supply
  • Two DC outs can also supply power (when using external power supply)

Three Modes:

  1. Select Preset Mod (E1)
    MIDI signals sent only when the OK footswitch is pressed
  2. Instant Preset Mode (E2)
    MIDI signals sent as soon as the preset number is changed
  3. Direct Mode (E3)
    MIDI signals sent as soon as the program number (0-199) is changed


Gecko MKIII has 20 presets. Each preset can store one PC (program change) message for each of 16 MIDI channels. In modes E1 and E2, you can edit presets. PC # can be set between 0 to 199*. Also, if set to OFF, no MIDI signal will be sent to that MIDI channel.

* It may not be possible to receive a value exceeding PC # 128, depending on the receiving device.

MIDI Channel & Tap Tempo:

Each individual MIDI channel can be turned off globally. Since MIDI channels that are set to OFF globally are not displayed during preset editing, setup can be shortened.

Also, for each MIDI channel, you can set the CC number to send when pressing the OK/TAP footswitch and use it as tap tempo control. Since you can set individual CC numbers for each channel, you can control tap tempo of up to 16 devices at once.

Why you NEED the Gecko MKIII:

Perhaps you have a rack effect you've always wanted to use live but going back between songs an scrolling between presets is just out of the question. Perhaps you've got a digital pedal and you'd like to use more than one preset in a single song. Perhaps you play a synthesizer and don't have time to dial the preset menus in between songs. These are all scenarios in which the Gecko MKIII would be a useful tool.

The amount of digital effects being used in live situations continues to grow. One Control responded to the need to have easy access to your favorite presets in an extremely quick and easy manner. The Gecko not only allows to you scroll through twenty user-defined presets, but also allows you to scroll from 0 to 199.

For guitarists who use rack effects that have complex controls, they know that using them in a live situation is quite difficult. With the Gecko you can be at ease knowing that you can use your favorite rack-based effects and not have to worry about having a tech scroll through presets for you... or, even worse, having to go back to your rack between songs and change a preset yourself!


  • Dimensions: 120 (W) x 65 (D) x 46 (H) mm
  • Weight: 400g
  • Power Supply: DC9V
  • Current Draw (using power supply): 25mA max
  • Current Drain (Battery): Less than 1mA

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