New Matthews Effects Whaler V2 Fuzz Guitar Pedal

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The Whaler V2 is an original fuzz pedal that takes your guitar from a Velcro monster of the depths, to a massive attacking beast of the sea. Built on a desire to find the elusive tone that is always taunting us, the Whaler V2 uses a truly original dynamic fuzz circuit that takes you from a pushed tube amp tone to fuzz hysteria. Dive into its deceptively simple controls for a deep wealth of tone unlike any other fuzz pedal. This new version has an added gain stage, substantially increasing The Whaler V2's range and depth of sound.


Achieve different fuzz and gain tones using the "Sustain" and "Squish" knobs. "Sustain" is a wide range control that lets you dial how hard the signal hits the front end of the circuit, taking you from a dirty drive to a thick, blubbery fuzz. The "Squish" knob adjusts the positive bias of the different gain stages, which changes the overall characteristic of the gain, from a ripping velcro, gated sound to a more open traditional fuzz.


The Whaler's dynamic EQ starts with the “Tone” knob, which when turned clockwise, produces more highs and less lows and vice versa. The "Body" control sculpts the mid response from all-out scooped, to a heavy mid EQ. These two deceptively simple knobs offer a wide range of tones available at your fingertips.


  • Output - Volume of the effect

  • Sustain - Controls amount of fuzz

  • Squish - Control bias of the fuzz

  • Tone - Turned clockwise, increases highs and decreases lows and vice versa

  • Body - Lets you scoop the mids


Rick Matthews obsesses over every last detail to make the highest quality and intuitive pedals available. This commitment to excellence is on full display with The Whaler V2. Its wide range of dynamic fuzz tones make for a pedal that is as vast and wild as the seven seas.

  • High-grade components selected for their superior sound and response

  • Top-mounted jacks make pedal board placement effortless

  • Soft-touch footswitch designed for the abuse of the road

  • Includes Matthews Effects limited 5-year warranty

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