New Keeley Vibe-O-Verb Reverb Guitar Effects Pedals

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The Robert Keeley Vibe-O-Verb is a diverse pedal design, combining both reverb and modulation effects in a single unit.

With a sparkly, spacey reverb as its base sound, this pedal works great for country or rockabilly. The Vibe-O-Verb is also versatile enough for you to achieve larger ambient sounds, thanks to its broad amount of reverb. This can be affected by 3 types of modulation (Harmonic, Vibrato and Phaser) via it’s simple 3-way toggle switch. Deciding how much reverb you’d prefer is easy thanks to the ‘blend’ control, which you can tame using the ‘decay’.

It's '2 pedals in 1' design means that precious space can be saved on your pedalboard.

Musical Reverb:

Deriving from the Fibonacci series, the Vibe-O-Verb provides you with a bright and musical reverb. This will allow you to cut through in a mix, yet retains a full and genuine sound.

3 Types of Modulation:

The 'Harmonic' reverb mode offers a tremolo effect, similar to that on a vintage Brownface amp or Keeley’s own DynaTrem pedal. This mixture of tremolo and reverb can give you some amazing old-school surf rock sounds, if riding waves is your thing.

The 'Vibrato' mode provides you with some amazing psychedelic tones, from a slow watery chorus to pure modulated madness!

The 'Phaser' mode is the most subtle of the 3, providing some gentle movement around notes to spice up your guitar sound.

The 3 modulation types affect the reverb trails only, giving you a unique range of sounds.

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