New J Rockett Broverdrive Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

New J Rockett Broverdrive Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

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Full of swagger and brimming with confidence, J. Rockett’s Broverdrive pedal knows precisely what it is: an in-your-face overdrive unlike any other. Not based on any renowned amp overdrives or old-school pedals, the Broverdrive has a tone all its own. Want to add a touch of crunch to your clean sound? This bro’s got you. Looking to brodown hard and melt some faces? No problem.

The Broverdrive is a versatile sound machine. And with only three control knobs, it keeps things simple, which means less thinking and more rocking!

  • Levbro controls your output.

  • Brogain controls how aggressive the Brovedrive gets — dial it hard right, and you’ll let the beast out of its cage.

  • Brotone shapes your tone, giving you total power over the mids and top end.

Guitarists are chasing new tones, and the Broverdrive delivers with a distinctive grit and snarl that’ll bro-up your pedalboard!


  • Distinctive overdrive with a character all its own
  • Goes from light crunch to aggressive drive
  • 3 control knobs for volume, gain, and tone
  • Brotastic enclosure art

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