New Hot Box Pedals Tremolous Optical Tremolo Attitude Series Guitar Pedal

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With your purchase you will receive a Hosa metal patch cable (IRG-100.5).

The Hot Box TREMOLOUS lets you capture the sound of Tremolo units found in vintage amps back in the day, but with modern reliability. Tremolous is a fully tweak-able and extremely compact tremolo perfect for the crowded pedal-baord.

This optical tremolo features a wide range of speeds and depths. The Bias knob brings out various coloration of the tremolo effect.

Turn it up for a more squeezed signal, turn the control down, for a more lose feel.

Product Description:

Analog Circuit tremolo pedal. Classic optical tremolo with huge range of speeds and depths. Very clean and transparent tone, Tremolo sound, form a slight Trembling round wave to a violent shaking in the square wave.


  1. Power Supply 9V DC ( center negative). (not included)

  2. Depth Knob Controls the depth of tremolo effect

  3. Bias Knob Adjusts the bias of the optical of tremolo unit

  4. Speed Knob Adjusts the speed of tremolo effect

  5. Input & Output Jack Analogy though 1/4″ mono audio jack

  6. LED Light LED indicator shows the working state

  7. True Bypass True bypass for zero tone coloration

  8. Made of high quality zinc alloy with super solid construction


  • Working Current: 26mA.
  • Dimensions: 95(D)*45(W)*48(H)mm.
  • Weight: 273g(With box)
Power supply not included.
Please use the 9V power adapter whose polarity is negative center otherwise, the product may not work properly.

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