New Hot Box Pedals Chorus Attitude Series Guitar Effects Pedal

New Hot Box Pedals Chorus Attitude Series Guitar Effects Pedal

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Three basic knobs, essential for all traditional chorus pedals including this mini one. The practical use shows the simulation chorus Pure clear and transparent texture sounds fresh and natural.

Adjusting the Rate and Depth controls allows for anything from subtle chorus right up to full modulation resembling the sound of a Leslie rotating speaker simulator. Adjust the Level control to get the right mix between dry and wet (clean / effect).

Enhances Your Tone with a Sparkling Modulation Effect:

From a subtle, ambient shimmer to more dramatic effects with pulsating tones.

Reacts equally well to rhythm chords and lead work, and can even be used for acoustic guitar.

Compact / Miniature Case Size:

Advances in circuitry design have made is possible for guitar effect pedals to be built in a compact enclosures that literally fit in the palm of your hand. The mini design allows more pedals to fit on your pedalboard and also helps reduce the overall weight.

True Bypass Circuitry:

The compact inner circuitry is designed with a 3PDT true bypass switch ensuring an unaltered tone when the pedal is not engaged. A true bypass switch has the ability perform a true bypass of the internal hardware circuit of the pedal, meaning the signal goes straight from the IN to the OUT.


  • Exquisite workmanship, mini and portable

  • Pure Analog chorus effect, clear, full sounding and fat

  • Whole Aluminum alloy chassis, stable and strong

  • True bypass provides transparent tone

  • LED indicator shows the working state

  • Sponge pad on the backside is anti-skid, which enhances the stability and avoids friction between the effect pedal with the ground


  • Brand: Hot Box Pedals Canada
  • Model: Chorus
  • Main Material: Aluminum alloy Metal Shell
  • Level, Depth and Rate controls
  • True Bypass 3DPT Switch
  • Power Supply: 9V DC (Negative Centre) – (Not Included)
    Please use the 9V power adapter whose polarity is negative center. Otherwise, the product may not work properly.
  • Input Impedance: 470k Ohms
  • Output Impedance: 10k Ohms
  • Dimensions: L92mm x W40mm x H32mm (H 50mm including switch)
  • Weight: 206g
  • Boxed Weight: 276g

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