New Frost Giant Electronics Surya Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal

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With your purchase you will receive two Hosa metal patch cables (IRG-100.5) and a Hosa 10 foot Pro guitar cable!

Surya – God of Light and Day

Surya the fire breathing fuzz started it’s life as a Tonebender MKII build…but it was pulled apart and put back together as this heavy gain fuzz beast that fits on both guitarists and bassits boards..which it is becoming very popular as bass fuzz as of lately.

With the Bias down and Focus up it’s a heavy fuzz beast, you can use the Focus with the Bass Boost to add just that right amount of low end cut to make sure you’re not lost in the mix when pushing the low end.


  • Volume – Adjusts the level output
  • Tone – Counter Clockwise (1-5) is big and open with alot of mids / Clockwise (5-10) gets really compressed and amazing
  • Fuzz – Adjusts the Fuzz level
  • Bias – Reversed from your normal Bias, when you increase the gain breaks up
  • Focus – Tightens up the overall pedal
  • Bass Switch – Stock/Bass Boost

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