New DigiTech Mosaic Pitch Shifter Polyphonic 12-string Guitar Effects Pedal

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With your purchase you will receive two Hosa metal patch cables (IRG-100.5) and a Hosa 10 foot Pro guitar cable!

With the DigiTech Mosaic on your pedalboard, you'll be able to create lush 12-string sounds with your 6-string electric or acoustic-electric guitar. The Mosaic does this by generating octave low strings and doubled high strings, which imbue your guitar tone with a crisp shimmer and remarkable polyphonic richness. And you get complete control of the 12-string effect, thanks to this amazing guitar pedal's independent Level and Tone controls. 


  • Polyphonic pitch shifting and intelligent doubling add richness to your guitar tone
  • Independent Level and Tone controls offer plenty of tweakability
  • True-bypass switching preserves your tone when the effect is bypassed

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