New Catalinbread Moseley Fuzzrite Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal

New Catalinbread Moseley Fuzzrite Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal

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Catalinbread and the Moseley estate have teamed up to produce a faithful reproduction of the classic 1960s Mosrite Fuzzrite fuzz pedal — a sputtery, brutish, and proudly dirty original. They ditched the battery switch, moved the Volume and Depth controls to the top side, and increased the size of the logo. The Catalinbread Fuzzrite Fuzz Pedal has just as much explosive garage grit as the original. Rotating the Volume to higher levels will start to overdrive your amp and add body to the fuzz, and the Depth knob lets you blend in a second silicon transistor gain stage with the first. If you keep it low, you'll get clean, fat tones; if you spin it up, be prepared for aggressive saturation that will eat your face off. Plus, it can be powered by a 9V battery or a 9V DC adapter (neither is included), so while it's optimally placed at the beginning of your pedalboard setup, it can be used independently, too.

The self-avowed gearheads at Catalinbread focus on making musical devices that they want to use themselves — "gear that gets us excited and inspires us to play." The result of that authentic focus and unwavering integrity is the type of innovation that isn't market-driven; Catalinbread creates its own market for products players love, whether overdrive, delay/reverb, fuzz/distortion, or tremolo/modulation pedals. The Fuzzrite is a great example of Catalinbread's exciting, inspiring innovation.


  • Collaborative effort with the Fuzzrite's original designer, Ed Sanner; truly an authentic re-issue
  • Vintage, gnarly garage grit and fuzz in a modern, reliable pedal
  • Improved ergonomics/pedalboard friendliness with topside controls
  • Made with vintage NOS silicon transistors for real 1960s circuitry and sound
  • Volume control facilitates more subdued levels or amp overdriving for raggedy awesomeness
  • Depth knob can be adjusted to produce anything from fat cleans to beastly saturation
  • All-metal chassis with a vintage look; built to last and to pay homage to a legendary pedal
  • Can be powered by 9V battery or 9V DC adapter (neither is included)
  • Made in the USA

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